Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Oct 09

The decision to put our loved ones in a nursing home can often be a difficult one to make. When our family members are placed in a nursing facility, we rightfully expect that staff members will take the upmost care of our loved ones and treat them with respect. All too often, however, this is not the case. Nursing home abuse is a very serious problem that occurs across the nation. In fact, most West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers would probably point out that as many as one out of three nursing homes in America have been cited for some sort of abuse. When our elderly family members cannot articulate the abuse that is taking place against them, it is important to be able to recognize the signs that they are undergoing some kind of harm.

Warnings of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse can take many forms. You may be able to spot that your family member is dealing with physical abuse by spotting external injuries, such as bed sores or bruising. Your loved one may also show signs of dehydration or rapid weight loss or weight gain. However, some indicators of abuse are far from being physically visible. A victim of nursing home abuse may become more withdrawn, isolated, and fearful of speaking in front of staff members. Abuse can also come in the form of staff negligence, resulting in unsanitary conditions and slip and fall accidents. These are some of the signs that can point to nursing home abuse, even when our loved ones cannot or are too afraid to speak up.

Nursing homes should be a place where we can trust that our family members are secure and out of harm’s way when they become unable to take care of themselves. When staff members violate this trust, they may be required to pay compensation to the families. No one should be subject to abuse or unsafe conditions, especially in a place that should be dedicated to an individual’s well-being.

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