Why Exercise is Important for Dogs

May 03

Millions of Americans share their homes with dogs. These very active and social animals have long been integrated in the lives and routine of people. They are beloved pets and companions. They also play important roles in the community. Aside from being “man’s best friend”, a dog can also take on a number of tasks. Sometimes, dogs can also be seeing eyes for the blind or point a search and rescue team for the right direction. As such, dogs have long been well-loved members of American society.

Dogs succeed in a variety of activities because of genetic disposition. Like their close wolf relatives, dogs are highly active and can run and hunt for days. In the wild they can use this energy to hunt for food. In today’s society, their hyperactive tendencies can be translated into other forms of activities and exercises.

Unfortunately, not every dog gets the opportunity to explore their natural instinct to run and play. As such, some dogs become extremely lethargic and end up developing issues with their health and behavior. Without any sort of outlet, dogs can resort pouring their pent up energy into destructive habits such as overeating, biting, rough play, scratching, chewing, and too much barking. To avoid these scenarios, physical activity should always be properly integrated into their everyday routine.

According to the website of the professional dog walkers at Walk! ATX, the easiest way to exercise a hyperactive dog is through daily walks for several minutes a day. Dogs should ideally have 150 minutes of exercise every week. That translates to roughly 20-30 minutes of walking every single day and can be easy enough to accomplish. Setting up a specific schedule can help dog owners stick to this daily habit despite their busy lives.

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