Common Traffic Violations

Jan 18

Common Traffic Violations

It only takes a single mistake on the road to trigger an accident. For this reason alone, unsafe practices are strictly prohibited on the road, and committing one is enough grounds for a traffic ticket or even jail time if it is serious enough. But sometimes charges can be unreasonable, maybe because of exaggerations and misunderstandings. For such instances, getting help from a legal professional that focuses on criminal defense is not such a bad idea, like this Columbia traffic tickets attorney.

Of course, prevention is still the best way to stay away from the hassles of legalities, and the first step to prevention is knowledge. Below is a list of common traffic violations, so you can have an idea what practices you can avoid doing.

Driving under the influence

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense determined if your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher. You can also be arrested for this offense even if you are below that percentage, depending on the circumstances.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving include reckless behaviors like failing to yield to stop signs, traffic lights, and right of way, failing to give hand or electronic signals upon turning, manuevering in a dangerous manner, and not having proper lights for safety.


Speeding is the act of operating a vehicle in a speed greater than what is specified by law. Other factors are also taken in consideration, like weather conditions, road conditions, construction zones, and other obstructions that may make fast traveling unreasonable and inprudent.

Mechanical Violation

Vehicles should be in their top condition to prevent defects and malfunctions that may cause accidents. Defects in equipment such as brakes, turn signals, mirrors, head and tail lights, and tires, may warrant a traffic ticket for a mechanical violation.

All of these violations are preventable. By following traffic rules, driving in a safe manner, being mindful of the other motorists around you, and making sure that your vehicle is free from malfunctions and defects, you are more likely to traffic violations and tickets.

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